TIO The perfect way to digitize your assembly

Welcome to the groundbreaking world of our revolutionary software! On this journey, let's explore the countless applications that our versatile solution offers in the most diverse corporate landscapes.

Assembly instructions for putting together a wide variety of products form the cornerstone. Anyone who buys a shelf at IKEA will appreciate the intuitively understandable assembly instructions. At IKEA, however, the shelves are sold millions of times over, so that the elaborate production of the booklets is worthwhile.

When assembling a huge printing machine or a ship's crane, the quantities are much smaller and the work steps more complicated. In addition, a high quality of assembly is required and the employees should be able to assemble efficiently. Our solutions offer industrial companies the opportunity to create intuitive and detailed assembly instructions economically.

As the process progresses, integration into the customer's existing IT environment takes center stage and represents a decisive moment for the maximum benefit of our software.

Working with attenio means not having to choose between stand-alone and integrated solutions, but getting the best of both worlds: a specialized yet integrated system.

The beauty of working with attenio lies not only in the functionality itself, but also in the personal advice from our experts. No matter which use case suits you, our dedicated experts will be happy to advise you to find the most effective solution for your individual requirements. Secure your personal consultation today and unlock the full potential of our software to take your business to new heights.