Assembly or service instructions require input data. The quality of the final instructions is strongly linked to the information content. Tio enables you to get the maximum out of it and provide the input data with all the necessary attributes. If information in your material parts lists is relevant for planning in Tio, it can be used for planning.

Basis: 3D model

The 3D model is always the basis for assembly/service instructions, creating work plans or deriving parts lists. You can start directly by simply loading product data from your design into Tio. All attributes and PMIs are read and visualized.

Tio works natively with .jt and .stp data. Tio imports all other formats (native and visualization formats) via the integrated Datakit solution. This means you don't have to worry about conversion or duplicate data storage.

Infografik zur Basis der Automatisierung mit Tio
Infografik zur Erweiterung der Automatisierung mit Tio

Extension: Material parts list

Often not all information is contained in 3D models: non-designed components such as cables, adhesives or oils or typical ERP information such as component designations and multilingual designations.

In order to be able to use such parts list information for planning, Tio provides an import option. The material parts list can be easily imported to the 3D model. The respective components are assigned via a unique material number, for example.

This process is a standard functionality of Tio and can be used at any time.


Get maximum performance by automating the matching of 3D models and material parts lists. Tio is batch-capable, allowing you to run certain processes in the background.

Many of our customers have Tio import data fully automatically in a night run, match it with parts lists, filter it by attributes and then save it as a session. The planner of an assembly instruction only needs to load the corresponding session in his daily routine and can get started straight away.

To set up this process for you, we create a customized script that is executed by the powerful Tio Advanced in the background.

Infographic on complete automation with Tio