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tio2Connect - Modern, digital assembly planning

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Our vision

We believe that it is possible to integrate an easy-to-use, collaborative work process into your company’s planning and assembly operations.

Turning a 3D model into a finished product takes time. Many questions need to be answered, information needs to be gathered, and data needs to be processed to ensure it is accessible and comprehensible to all stakeholders. To shorten the planning and assembly processes within your business, we offer a collaboration platform for use across your company.

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Our collaboration platform

Tio2Connect makes it possible to develop and publish assembly drawings and work instructions simply by drag-and-drop from your 3D model.

Tio2Do utilises an intuitive, step-by-step guide to visualise all of the relevant information for assembly teams, technicians and maintenance personnel, so as to enable a real-time feedback loop.

Whether your product is an electrical enclosure, a gearbox, a system or an ocean-going vessel, everyone involved always has the right tool in the process.

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Our values

In the future, we expect to see dramatic changes to working practices in the manufacturing sector. These will require appropriate tools and support services. And we’re working on developing them. With our direct experience of digitalisation and our interdisciplinary team, we are ideally placed to help you digitally design and transform the business processes in your company to make them fit for the future.

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