Many processes require an integrated IT landscape. Thanks to its open interfaces, Tio can be integrated into your existing ERP, PLM and MES systems with minimal effort.

Tio has a completely modular structure and can therefore provide you with individual elements that are required in a wide variety of places. For example, the E-BOM structure generated by automation is automatically stored in the PLM system. The work plan generated during planning is written to the ERP, and the service instructions are made available on a customer portal. Use Tio in such a way that it provides the greatest benefit for you and distribute the results automatically via the interfaces wherever they are needed.

Every IT environment, internal company processes and your specific requirements are different. We don't need a greenfield approach and can network Tio efficiently.

SAP connector

Benefit from the advantages of our standard SAP connector. Regardless of whether you use R3 or S4 / HANA, the SAP connector from attenio allows you to connectTio to your ERP system in no time at all. The connector is simply configured and does not need to be programmed. This saves you time and money and you receive standard quality that has been confirmed by various customers.

Find out here how powerful the connector is and what options are open to you.


An assembly instruction created in TIO can be attached directly to a document info record (DIS) via the SAP connector. This avoids data storage on network drives and enables simple traceability, revision and the use of validities. Your instructions are securely stored in the SAP database system.


A routing or parts list created in TIO can be transferred directly to SAP. TIO automatically generates a C02 parts list, for example. It is therefore no longer necessary to create routings and parts lists manually in SAP. This change means that you can work completely graphically and plan your products in TIO.

The connector offers you the functionality to automatically check the data before it is transferred. This helps you to avoid incorrect or inconsistent data.


When creating a plan, information is required that is normally available in the ERP. This could be material numbers or standard times, for example. To avoid errors and increase productivity, such information should not be transferred manually. The SAP connector from attenio offers the option of accessing and setting the relevant entries directly from TIO via SAP search masks. This means that your employees can work via just one screen, but have access to all the information they need.

Screenshot aus TIO, visualisiert die rechts Seite der Software, welche die M-BOM zeigt


The SAP connector can be easily adapted to your requirements. In addition to the actual assembly instructions, attenio customers can, for example, store individual screenshots of the views via the SAP connector in the document info record of an assembly or automatically write the instruction texts in the routing.


The powerful SAP connector provides a wide range of functions. Depending on your requirements, we configure the connector with minimal effort. The architecture shown here shows what a complete integration could look like for you.

Infografik zur Darstellung der SAP® Schnittstelle zu TIO 2 Connect